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Haag Bat Company

est. 2002


(image: The Denver Post)

The Haag Bat Company was initially formed to fill a need for local youth, high school, college and adult baseball players. Our goal, then and continues today, was to deliver the highest quality light weight wood composite baseball bats. Starting this business also gave the Haag family an opportunity to bring in our two teenagers (Alex & Emily) to develop business skills and prepare them for the future in business.

Our wood composite bats are all BBCOR Certified and meet NCAA and NFHS bat requirements. They are also designed to provide each player with variety in four model options and make it easy to transition away from metal bats. To date, we have transitioned our entire business away from 1-piece bats into only wood composite bats sold to customers on a national scale.

We only use select grade hardwood solid-core material for our wood composite bats. Our unique design offers a higher level of safety, longevity and performance compared to other suppliers who may use laminated cores.. Each bat is locally finished in Parker, Colorado, hand crafted to maintain consistent dimensions and provide a hitter with a quality long life product.

Haag Bat Company is your choice for pro-grade hardwood maple and wood composite bats!

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